Let me share you my story regarding a journey called personal development. My goal for this post is that it will bring some inspiration and strength to you and myself. By now I know that I can’t be the only one struggling with this thing called life.

My first real experience with personal development was back in April 2014, I was 35 of age at that time. I participated at the training ‘From engineer to ambassador’ to help me understand myself and others better in our communication style, our strengths and the values we bring. As mentioned in my previous post, all ambassadors (read every employee) get this training in the first year at Fourtress. I strongly belief that developing my personal skills is as important as developing my professional skills.

In this training, they used Insights Discovery to determine my unique personal profile. It provided me with insights on my personal characteristics and my most important strengths and weaknesses. During and after the training, this had an impact on my productivity, understanding another persons communication preferences and building better connections. All this is very useful to improve collaboration and giving us all a common language in overcoming challenges and possible conflicts. 

During the training we were taught from that moment on to start each day with asking ourselves:

Why do I rejoice?

The trainer explained the importance of this question in order to go deeper in yourself and discover what turns you ‘on’, what ignites that fire within yourself. It doesn’t have to be big things, it might also be small things like enjoying the sunshine in the morning. Over the years I have consciously started to use my insights colors. It still helps me adapt my communication style and build better relationships with fellow ambassadors, our clients and even with friends and family.

But in the meantime I forgot to ask myself this question… all people have a nature on how their mind works, positive or negative. Although receiving feedback of bringing a positive vibe to the environment, I felt a disconnect between what others saw and what was going on in my mind internally. Unfortunately my mind was dwelling more and more in dark clouds and I was heading towards a depression or at least I was broken somehow.
Who am I to ask for help? My analytical mind told me there couldn’t be anything wrong with me…

Music has always been a big passion for me. Always a big fan of the darker music streams and influenced by bands like Cult of Luna, AMENRA, ISIS, The Juliana Theory, Overcast and many, many more. Killswitch Engage has earned this special place in my heart and mind. Their songs and lyrics helped me over the years on several unfortunate life events, like the loss of my father.

In autumn 2017, I was still looking for salvation on getting things turned into another direction. This night walking with my dog and wondering in these dark clouds again, I was once more listening to ‘Strength of the Mind’ of Killswitch Engage:

“Who can raise you from the fall and save you? Only you!”
“Who can take the pain away and change you? Only you!”

Finally, it hit me. If I wanted a change, I knew that I had to take action. Already having discussions with my employer on visions that I had, in order to improve certain things at work. I took the opportunity to discuss my ‘dark clouds’ with my CEO. He first asked for my age, ’39’ I answered. He paused and then mentioned that he might have something that could help me. At this moment I was open to anything that would give me the slightest chance in turning my mind into a positive direction. He then advised me to read some books of this guy called Tony Robbins. Who? That doesn’t matter, what’s important is the methodology called Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Fast forward, I got these great books ‘Unlimited Power’ and ‘Awaken the Giant Within’. When starting to read these books, it opened new visions, new skills and all sorts of practical tools. I discovered how to deal and look differently at situations. A situation is something that happens, nothing more and nothing less, but what was interesting is how I attached meaning to it.

Only by reading these books I discovered a limiting belief. Through my Insights Discovery profile it was clear that I am an introvert by natural habit. However I convinced myself that I wasn’t the person to speak for an audience or even train people by sharing my knowledge and skills. I now know that this wasn’t one of the results coming from my profile. I, and only I, was responsible for holding myself back.

By discussing my learnings from time to time with my CEO, he mentioned that it would be good for my personal growth to attend an ‘Unleash the Power Within’ event. And before I knew in April 2019 it happened, I went to London to go through this experience. Since then I’ve learned things beyond my imagination: I am good enough, I am a firewalker, I have confidence. I learned what controlled my life: meaning & emotion.

We cannot control what is happening, but we can control what we experience. You have to take control in order to design and live your life on your terms.

To me it is very important to condition myself with positive and healthy habits. Here are some of my new habits that are still helping me and which I personally highly recommend.

  • I love to feed my mind by reading books, listen to podcasts, educate myself via seminars, webinars or any other inspiring resource that will keep me growing. Reading books supports my new belief: leaders are readers.
  • In order to have more energy, I can feel that it is important to keep my body moving. Beside running in the morning and having a cold shower, I started again with learning to master the art of Capoeira.
  • I really like to connect with like minded people and provide help wherever I can, sharing is caring.
  • Last but certainly not least, I have to have some time for myself to relax and recharge my battery. I do this by using meditations, listen to music or simply go out for a walk.

This journey has ‘unleashed’ new aspects that will be explored with grace. Just by talking and sharing, it will attract new opportunities and support my personal mission statement:

As an inspiring coordinator with positive attitude, I, Davy Faassen, will serve people to connect their mind with their hearts to find clarity, strength and purpose to design an efficient building plan for a fulfilling life. I do this by educating and motivating people and by growing their capacities. I teach people to focus on creating freedom on their own terms.

Use the power of personal development to become the best version of yourself. It has given me more peace of mind and the ability to enjoy and live life even more. Never, and I repeat, never stop improving your growth mindset. Please feel free to connect and share your experiences and thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

I feel blessed and am grateful for the opportunities that came across my path & new people I have met. It may sound corny, but I finally learned to love myself.


  1. Wauw, Davy, while reading this I can feel you? I was there in London with you, proud to be a small part of your journey. MAKE YOUR MOVE??

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